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Ac-Val-Glu-Ile-Asp-AMC | Ac-VEID-AMC

Ac-Val-Glu-Ile-Asp-MCA | Ac-VEID-MCA

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Acetyl- L- valyl- L- glutamyl- L- isoleucyl- L- aspartic acid α-(4-methyl- coumaryl- 7-amide)

(M.W. 673.72) C33H43N5O11 [219137-97-0]

Synthetic Product
A trace of impurity might be detectable by TLC when 100 µg is applied to the plate. The amount of contamination detectable by HPLC is less than 2 %.

Ac-VEID-AMC | Substrate for Caspase-6

The fluorogenic substrate Ac-VEID-AMC is mainly used for the quantification of the caspase-6 activity during apoptosis. According to some new publications Ac-VEID-AMC may be cleaved by caspase-6 related proteases like caspase-8 as well.


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