Secretin (Porcine) Antiserum

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Secretin (Porcine) Antiserum
Host Animal: Rabbit

14112-v 50 µl | 275.00 EUR

Antiserum: lyophilized from 1 mM Phosphate Buffer (pH 7.0)
Immunogen: Secretin (Porcine)-TG
Specificity: Secretin (Porcine) 100%
Secretin (Human) 100%
Secretin (Chicken) 100%
Sensitivity: IC50 0.27 pmol/ml (Antiserum Dilution: x 50,000)

No cross-reactions against the following peptides were observed at much higher doses (1-10 nmol/ml). GRP (Human), Gastrin I (Human), NPY (Porcine), Glucagon (Human) and Somatostatin


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