Anti human ERR beta

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Anti human ERR beta
mouse monoclonal antibody

PP-H6705-00 100 µl | 495.00 EUR

Antigen: ERRβ
Nomenclature: NR3B2
Genebank: X51417
Clone No.: H6705
Origin: Baculovirus-expressed recombinant human ERRβ (3-100 aa)
Specificity: Specific for human ERRβ. Cross reactions with mouse and rat ERRβ. This antibody does not recognices human ERRα and ERRγ.
Ig class: G2a
Purification: Ammonium sulfate fractionation
Formulation: Physiologic saline with 0.1% sodium azide as a preservative
Concentration: 1 mg / ml
Applications: Western Blot Concentration: 1 µg/ml
Applications: Non reducing Western Blot Concentration: 1 µg/ml
ELISA Concentration: 0.1 µg/ml
Applications: Immunoprecipitation Concentration: Decide by use
Immunohistochemistry Concentration: 10 µg/ml

Manufacturer: Perseus Proteomics Inc.