HF- Reaction Apparatus Type I

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HF- Reaction Apparatus Type I
Special HF-Apparatus for safe HF-cleavage

HF-reaction apparatus, Type I is used for the production of many ion channel blocker peptides at the Peptide Institute facility in Osaka, Japan.

HF-001 | 13,275.00 EUR price estimation only, please ask for days prices

Standard Model

One reservoir vessel (200 ml)
Two reaction vessels (50 ml) for smaller scale reactions
One reaction vessel (200 ml) for larger scale reactions

Dimensions (mm): 600W x 130D x 320H

Connection tube assembly between the terminal valve and your HF-cylinder is included in the set.
Supporting stand, HF-gas cylinder and HF-absorption unit are not included.
The mercury manometer is replaced through a more safety, corrosion free mechanical manometer.

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Delivery to EU countries from Sandhausen, Germany is including import tax and customs fee. Please ask for freight charges and conditions, due to the dimension and weight of the HF Apparatus!